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Service & Maintenance

Maintenance and servicing by GFM Spezialmaschinenbau

It is our aim to accompany our customers throughout the entire system life cycle, which is reflected in our range of services.

Remote diagnosis & expert support

We are at your side in all of your challenges and ensure reliable and stable production.

Online help through remote diagnosis

  • Online support directly on the machine
  • Error diagnosis by trained employees via the Internet
  • Suggested solutions for repairs
  • In most cases this will solve the problem

Telephone support from expert support

  • If necessary, telephone support from our service technician


We offer you an optimal maintenance package for all of our machines. The advantages of our maintenance package:

  • Regular inspections by our service technicians using checklists
  • Timely elimination of malfunctions and early identification of the need for service parts
  • Securing the technical condition of your machine for stable production with maximum availability

But even without a maintenance package, our technicians are available to carry out maintenance on your GFM machine if necessary


  • If on-site repairs are necessary, the fault will be rectified by our service technicians. Fast, reliable and competent

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